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Do you imagine yourself enjoying the beautiful evenings of summer with your friends, smelling the fresh fallen leaves in the autumn, and cooking a meal on your new custom wood deck? Fantastic, isn’t it? Would you let it remain in your imagination or would you like it to become reality? Surely, you can make it real. But how? Contact Deck Builders College Station!

College Station Deck Builders want to help you create the dream backyard you have always wanted. It is an extra living area to use when entertaining guests or relaxing outside the home. The ideal deck should have an aesthetic style and structure that match the home’s style and structure as well as the owner’s tastes and needs. Materials that are easy to maintain should be used, and they should be constructed to be in use year-round whenever possible. It must be built to the most stringent standards, with zero worries about its reliability for the years of service it provides.

How to Get Started?

Decks are complex, and building one from scratch can be stressful, but we’re here to help. Normally, we meet with our deck designers to understand your needs before proceeding. When you’re telling us about the kind of projects or opportunities you’re interested in, it’s typically important to talk about your expectations, budgetary concerns, deck longevity or previous experiences that are significant to you. Of course, it is as important to us as it is to you.

Once we’ve obtained a full understanding of your custom deck project’s size and scope and have established which materials and options are required, we will help you through the entire process to ensure that there are no unanticipated complications.

Below is some additional information about decks and other remodeling projects to help you determine what options are available. We offer information regarding our capabilities and processes and research on building products and techniques through email or phone.


Deck Design Features

A diverse selection of outdoor living features can be included in your outdoor area. These are only a few suggestions. 

Deck Accessories

You can enhance your outdoor living space by choosing from a variety of deck accessories we recommend.

  1. Add screened walls or windows around a covered deck protects from insects and pests while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.
  2. Enhance your fireplace’s functionality by adding a real wood or remote-controlled gas fireplace to help you stay warm on chilly days and evenings.
  3. Enjoy a patio with a hardscape deck on the best of both worlds by extending your “outdoor room” with an open sun deck.
  4. Increase the entertainment value of your new place by installing a ceiling fan, LED lighting setup, and even a flatscreen TV.
College Station Deck Builders Deck Accessories
Full Covered Deck College Station TX Deck Builders

Full Covered Decks

You can have protection from inclement weather, as well as an added personal touch, by incorporating a pergola or finished roof, which allows you to use the area more often.

In-ground or Above-ground Spa

Excellent addition to your outdoor living space is a hot tub, swim spa, or a full-sized pool with a deck.

In ground or Above ground Spa College Station TX Deck Builders

Built-in Bases and Counters

Perfect for enjoying time with family and friends, benches built into the design save you the extra effort of providing additional seating. Deck-height makes this item effective for decks with limited views of the outside, such as small backyards. It is a great place to set your drink, and it reduces the number of additional tables you would need.

Stacked decks to a patio

We can design a deck with several tiers that lead down to your yard. You’ll be able to design a beautifully appointed patio, which includes many landscaping and hardscaping options. For challenging properties, this is the best approach to combine various spaces that are creatively linked into one unified design.

Stacked Deck to a Patio College Station TX Deck Builders

Decking Materials

Pressure treated Wood Decks Deck Builders College Station

Pressure-treated Wood Decks

Pressure-treated decking is a low-cost favorite because it is made of fir permeated with anti-rot and insecticide agents. During its early years, the anti-rot treatment formerly used arsenic, but as of 2004 uses less toxic chemicals, such as copper, which presents only a health risk if the copper is heated. Pressure-treated decking can be further colored using stain. Pressure-treated lumber can last for decades, but it requires annual refinishing to maintain its clear coat or stain.

Cedar Deck Builders College Station


Nothing compares to the natural beauty of real wood. Cedar is a favorite for decking and also is also economical and straightforward to work with, making it an excellent DIY project. To make the most of your hardwood budget, look for dark-colored heartwood—anything else is softwood and will rot in a few years. Consider heartwood common (which has more heartwood than construction common), which is less expensive. This expectation includes periodic refinishing and a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.



Redwood has long been a mainstay of decking due to its affordability and availability only on the West Coast. It is lightweight, strong, and works well with other materials. Only select the best lumber, which has little of the cream-colored sapwood. Sapwood is vulnerable to the elements, so only select lumber that has low sapwood content. The heartwood of darker colors is naturally resistant to decay. Regular maintenance will ensure that redwood lasts for between 15 and 20 years.

PVC Decks Deck Builders College Station

PVC Decks

One of the new decking materials hitting the market is PVC decking, which promises to be maintenance-free. There is no wood in PVC. Solid PVC includes premium varieties with a cellular core wrapped in an exterior layer and has color options of white, gray, brown, and tan.

Composite Decks Deck Builders College Station.

Composite Decks

Composite decking is a low-maintenance material made of wood fiber combined with recycled polyethylene. Composite materials closely duplicate real wood’s colors and textures. As well as providing design versatility, there are options for bending the planks for decorative in-laid designs.

Often warranties are available with premium varieties. While maintenance is minimal, the wood content is vulnerable to mold formation if it is not thoroughly cleaned with a deck wash every three to four years. This is why we also offer deck repair and restoration services in the area.

Call today to have College Station Deck Builders install your new deck and porch. Transform your backyard into a more lively place. We serve the residents of Brenham TX, Bryan TX, and nearby areas.