Pool Decks
Installation and Repair

Are you the type of person who loves to entertain guests while cooking for them near the pool area? Are you a nature lover who wants your pool area to complement your landscaping and vistas? Are you someone who enjoys each summer and wants to make your pool the hub of the neighborhood? If you are one of these, then you need pool decking.

Designing a safe, functional, and appealing deck is an important part of preparing for a new swimming pool installation. It is critical to plan the design of your pool deck so that you spend equal time in and around the pool. A swimming pool deck is necessary because a lot of activity will occur there. When it comes to staying simple or getting as creative as possible, remember that it is in this space that you will be one of the more prominent factors.

Luckily, College Stations Deck Contractors has high-quality decking solutions for your pool

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Choosing between the different decking styles is an important consideration when it comes to pool decks. Here are different types of pool decks.

Types of Pool Decks

Brushed Concrete

It is the simplest pool decking option. A leveled layer of concrete is mixed in place with a broom or brush on top of the finished surface. Casting concrete in a manner that yields aesthetically pleasing results will depend on the coarseness of the brush bristles. If the bristles are light, the product has a light texture.

Pool Decks Deck Builders College Station TX
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Hand Seeded P-Gravel

Poured concrete decking with scattered pebbles on the surface is hand seeded P-gravel. Most of the time, the size goes from 1/8 of an inch to 3/8 of an inch. In addition to the pea-sized pebbles that are gray, white, black, and translucent, there are several other colors and transparency options to choose from.

Deck Coating

In order to select the best decking, you must evaluate the finish. At Deck Builders College Station, we have a wide variety of coatings to choose from. Deck coating is superior to concrete decking options for three reasons. First, it is slip-resistant, which is an important feature in the pool area. Safety is very important in and around the water. Second, it doesn’t stain or mildew. Finally, it adds a more relaxed feel to your pool area.

Deck Coating Deck Builders College Station TX
Lime Coat Deck Builders College Station TX

Lime Coat

This innovative blend of limestone and quartz creates an entirely new product. Lime-Coat makes your concrete appear to be real stone, making it appear much smoother. Lime coat decking is sturdy and slip-resistant, which makes it great around the pool. It’s also cooler to the touch than concrete or gravel, and that’s good news for all the bare feet around your pool.

Building it with pergolas or other shade structures, your pool deck style is completely up to you. We have a team of pool builders in College Station who can work with you to design the perfect pool area. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment to get started on your new pool deck.