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Do you get excited when you think about building a new deck at home? Or wonder if hardscaping would make your backyard more attractive? More than just deck building services, we offer Deck design and Installation, Deck Repair and Restoration, Porch Design and Installation, Patio and Hardscape Installation and Other Services.

We are your one-stop deck building service for any residential or commercial projects. We can work with you to create a deck design that is perfect for your space. Or you can provide us with the layout of the project, and we will get started right away. We will make sure that you get the right deck design, materials and build it to last.

Our business goal is to provide top-quality customer service at affordable rates. We can work within your budget to create exactly what you want without cutting corners. All of our experts are professionals with years of experience in their field. Whether we are building a single deck or you need help with multiple projects, we are confident that we can meet your needs.

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What We Offer?

Deciding to construct a new deck for your current residence is a great way to increase your backyard’s potential. When creating an environment that you want to keep using, make sure you use quality materials and experienced professionals to do the work. To achieve the desired results, give the professionals at College Station Deck Builders a call! 

Whatever your property size is, we can assist you in building a deck that complements your home layout and property size. With our customizable decks, you can experience the great outdoors and not be confined to the house all the time. Another awesome thing about it is that you get to enjoy it while also increasing the value of your property.

Deck Design and Installation College Station TX
Deck Repair and-Restoration College Station TX Deck Builders

Adding a deck to a home can make reading, entertaining guests, or throwing a summer barbecue easier, no matter what you’re planning to do with it. Because it is exposed to the elements, it takes a beating from rain, snow, ice, and winds. Luckily, we at the Deck Builders College Station are capable of handling all of your outdoor living area’s needs.

Decks are exposed to the weather at all times, which makes them vulnerable to damage over time. The importance of keeping them maintained and restored is what we at the Deck Builders College Station can do. We offer stained, repaired, and painted decks and deck board replacements. We have a team of experts who will refurbish your weather-beaten deck, returning it to like-new condition.

Having a porch allows you to break away from the hustle and bustle of your home to relax and visit with your neighbors and family. A porch not only beautifies your home but also helps you increase your curb appeal in a big way. The good thing about a porch is that it provides ample living space without adding to your home’s size. Our porch designers at Deck Builders College Station design porches that fit in with your home’s style. Pressure-treated pine or low-maintenance vinyl may be used in our porches. During our consultation, we will help you select your options, and that will include: Design, Location, Lighting, Flooring, and anything else you might need to customize your new space.

Deck Porch Installation College Station TX Deck Builders
Patio Hardscapes College Station TX Deck Builders

Adding landscaping with hardscaping is a fantastic way to boost the overall size of your outdoor living area. In layman’s terms, hardscaping uses non-living materials, such as wood, stone, metal, and concrete to decorate the landscaping. Softscaping features, like landscaping with trees, shrubs, and flowers, complement the hardscaping you implement, that is, the various concrete structures such as steps, patios, walkways, and decks. The size of the project and the amount of planning and installation vary greatly depending on the scale of the project. Beauty, style, and value are added to your landscape regardless of whether a hardscape feature is used.

Designing a safe, functional, and appealing deck is an important part of preparing for a new swimming pool installation. It is critical to plan the design of your pool deck so that you spend equal time in and around the pool. A swimming pool deck is necessary because a lot of activity will occur there. When it comes to staying simple or getting as creative as possible, remember that it is in this space that you will be one of the more prominent factors.

Pool Decks College Station TX Deck Builders
Shade Structures and Pergolas College Station TX Deck Builders

There are many different types of shades, and patio covers available. There are various options for providing shade for your patio that can be explored by considering the style, the solar orientation, and your budget.

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