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Your porch is a great place to relax when the weather is nice. A porch can be an aesthetically and functionally beautiful addition to your home.

If you think about it, constructing a new porch for your home is a momentous event. Your family will enjoy and use this outdoor living space for years to come.

Porches add curb appeal to your home while providing sitting and activity space for exterior or personal use. The long-term value they will add to your home will provide extra benefits that you and your family will feel immediately.

All Pro CS Decks is the builder you need when deciding to build a porch. We are known for our experience and skill in porch construction. As a local business in Brenham TX, Bryan TX, College Station TX, and the surrounding areas, we specialize in porch and deck building. We are committed to quality and care about the details. When you work with us, you can be confident that the porch they create will both improve your home’s appearance and last for years. We focus on keeping you updated and delivering high-quality work from the planning stages to the finished porch. Our goal is to provide you with a porch that will be a favorite spot for rest and enjoyment for many years.

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What is the Right Porch For You?

Our experts in outdoor living construction can design and build various porch styles. Our staff is here to listen to your ideas and help you visualize options to help you realize your vision.

Open-air porches

The most traditional concepts people associate with the word “porch” are the ones listed below. It just means that the porch is open to the air on all sides.

A front porch is like a built-in door on your front door. It extends your front door, providing more living space that faces out into the world. Meanwhile, a back porch provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life and may function as your very own private retreat.

Depending on your porch location and home design, various materials may be required. Cedar or composite decking works well for raised porches that rise to ground-level doors, for instance.

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Screened-in porches

For the moment, let’s blend the two porches. If you want to be outside but are also concerned about safety, you should consider a screened-in porch.

Like open-air porches, these are out in the open, and they can be at the front, back, or side of your house. While it doesn’t protect you from all the elements, the screened-in porch does keep debris and bugs away from your space.

When you want to read and enjoy a book while enjoying the sound of rain falling on your face, but you don’t want to get wet, consider reading in the comfort of your own home! If you’re going to go outside but want to do so even when it’s raining, a screened-in porch is excellent.


Although their name makes them sound more open-air, they are considerably more enclosed than an open-air or screened-in porch. A sunroom is an extension of your house to help you enjoy the outdoors, while still being inside. If the sunroom is situated well, you should keep your shades and windows open while feeling comfortable.

Sunrooms are a great option. It’s up to you to decide how much of the outside world you want to let in, allowing for a more personalized and versatile setup.

A sunroom in your home can be used for various purposes, such as relaxation or sewing projects. Screening, composite boards, fasteners, and other materials are required for a sunroom to be built.

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It can be discouraging if you’re building a porch in an area that lacks a roof to protect you from sunlight.

Overhead beams help protect you from sunlight and the elements (weather or otherwise). If a pergola isn’t offering enough shade, you can cover it with curtain materials or roofing material to give it an additional layer of protection.

Pergolas can be used on your porch when you don’t want to add a full roof, but would like some shade. Adding a pergola allows you make a quiet place for yourself, while leaving the rest of the porch open to the sun.


Gazebos are freestanding structures that are set apart from the home, that provide additional living space. Gazebos can be open-air or screened-in, depending on your preference. They create a place where people can gather during the hot summer months.

 Although they can be constructed of numerous materials, gazebos almost always take the form of an octagon and are commonly built out of wood, cedar, or composite materials. Our design experts use designs that families keep coming back to year after year, and we can help you create something you’ll fall in love with too.


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