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Have you ever visualized your backyard that is both functional and creative? Well, installing a beautiful patio and combining it with well-placed hardscapes will do wonders. If you enjoy spending time outdoors or want to incorporate outdoor furniture, fireplaces, and grills into your backyard, hiring a hardscape and patio contractor is for you.

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Most people don’t know where to start after deciding to build their outdoor dream space.  Professionally designed patios are an excellent way to transition the inside of your home to the outdoors.

What materials should I use in the construction of my new patio? What should I do to integrate patio landscaping? These are only a few of the questions homeowners are likely to have.

You have a wide range of options if you want to tailor your patio design to your vision. There are a variety of materials that can be used in patio design including: brick, pavers, concrete, and natural stone. Whatever design you’re looking to incorporate in your backyard, as patio contractor, we’ll help you select the best material for the job.

Patios Deck Builders College Station TX
Hardscape and Patios Deck Builders College Station TX.


Hardscape design is a creative way to make your patio area suitable for hosting family and friends. In addition to adding character and luxury to your outdoor space, a hardscape installation can also offer functional features. The hardscape designers at College Station Deck Builders will help you choose the best look for your home.

While most of us are pretty familiar with the term “landscape,” fewer of us may be acquainted with the term “hardscape.” Hardscaping is made up of various ground covering items. A hardscape is any hard and stable landscape element that is not changed during the planning process. Your home can have a unique design based on the hardscape design in and around your home, such as a rustic brick walkway, to an elegant outdoor fireplace.

Hardscape features you can add to your backyard:

  • Water features
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Walkways
  • Outdoor living additions
  • Pool surrounds

Material for Patios and Hardscapes


Your hardscape will be more durable and beautiful with brick. Pathways, retaining walls, and outdoor fireplaces are all excellent brick building ideas. “Stretcher bond” brick can be laid in a traditional row-on-row pattern, but it can also be applied in more complex and interesting patterns like “herringbone” and “basket weave.” It is also possible to combine two or more colors of brick to create a more interesting pattern. Reused brick is trendy right now. Recycled brick is both environmentally friendly and visually appealing.

Bricks Patios and Hardscapes Deck Builders College StationTX.
Pavers Patios and Hardscape Deck Builders College Station TX


While similar to brick, pavers are typically made of concrete or flagstone and come in a wide range of shapes and colors. Pavers are laid over sand and pea gravel, which is a laborious process. Pavers are commonly used for landscape edging and walkways. Like brick, patterns add visual interest and a unique look to paver projects.


A driveway or sidewalk is almost always made of concrete. Traditionally a plain gray slab, stamped and stained concretes have emerged in the last decade, allowing for endless design possibilities. Concrete contractors can personalize a space by adding custom inlays and stamping patterns that replicate stone patterns. To remove concrete, which is the essence of hardscape, can be difficult and costly.

Concrete Patios and Hardscape Deck Builders College Station TX
Patios and Hardscape Deck Builders College Station

Loose Materials

River rock and gravel are collectively referred to as “loose materials.” Fillers are most used between larger paving stones in patios and walkways. Loose materials have a multitude of purposes, but they must be contained to avoid causing damage. Every time a lawnmower kicks up a piece of gravel, it shoots out in a dangerous projectile. Loose materials offer numerous textures and colors; homeowners should find a product that meets their needs and specifications.


Wood is used in outdoor construction because it is readily available, easy to work with, and relatively inexpensive, though it may become more expensive to use exotic or imported hardwoods. Wood can be used for building pergolas, decks, fences, arbors, and decorative bridges. Keeping natural, pressure-treated wood looking great requires some maintenance, but a small amount of attention every year should keep it looking that way for a long time.

Wood Patios and Hardscape Deck Builders College Station TX

Choosing from all the hardscape options available today is no simple task. Hardscapes today provide a nearly endless variety of color and texture shades to enhance your home and landscaping. At Deck Builders College Station, we’re here to help you choose the kind of project you want to work on or repair and restore what you already have. Contact us now!