Deck Safety – 4 Things to Look For

Deck Safety - 4 Things to Look For - Deck Builders College Station TX

No matter how high-quality the materials used for your deck were, collapse can still happen, especially after a few years. Up to 500 people are reported to be injured due to such an accident. Some of the reasons decks collapse include improper installation, decaying wood, and also having too many people on it at one time.

Among all the parts of your home, the deck is one that first catches the attention of visitors. It will be the envy of many if it’s made with the perfect size, shape, and design. Likewise, its safety and durability depend highly on the materials used. For that reason, it’s worth taking the time to read about the things you must see in a deck to consider it safe enough for everyone to use.

4 Must-Haves for a Safe Deck


For decks that are as high as 30 inches off the ground, adding safety railings is necessary. It keeps everyone safe from falling off the deck or other accidents. Railings, however, are not recommended for low-lying decks. The height of the railings should be at least up to the waist of an average adult. Creating railings is also effective for keeping stray animals and intruders from entering your deck.

Railing Deck - Deck Builders College Station TX

Ledger Board

Ledger Board - Deck Builder Brenham TX

A ledger board is a horizontal beam attached to an existing wall and is used to secure things such as porch roofs and decks. A deck can only be as sturdy as you want it to be for longer years if built together with a ledger board. When it decays or rots, the deck has the tendency to break off as well. Experts in deck building know which places to avoid; those places where it rains and snows often. Likewise, the type of deck must be matched with the right installation technique used.


The best decks in town are coated with sealants. Decks must be thoroughly coated to prevent structural damages like rotting and wear and tear. Sealants work best in preventing people from

getting splinters when they walk on the deck barefoot. It does not deteriorate easily, extending the wood deck’s lifespan and making it less vulnerable to the bad weather outdoors.

Sealants - Deck Builders Bryan TX


Flashing Deck Builders Bryan, TX

If you are in an area where an excessive amount of water collects after a heavy rain, it is best to have a well-functioning flashing. In most places, flooding is a usual problem that people deal with by installing flashing on their deck. As with other parts of the house, if too much water falls and sits on your deck, serious damages can spread throughout the entire building.

Essential Tips to Keep Your Deck Safe

• Keep an eye on the condition of your deck.

• Examine the support structures and hardware on your deck.

• Examine the deck’s construction.

• Conduct routine inspections.

Professional Deck Builders You Can Rely On for Safety

Before you can build a deck, careful steps must be taken to ensure 100% safety. Expert deck builders are trained and skilled in performing this task that you may find tedious and stressful. Let the professionals at Deck Builders College Station do the job.

Deck construction is not the only thing we do best. We offer you more! Our experts also perform deck design and installation, deck repair and restoration, porch design and installation, porch repair and restoration, patio and pergolas, and others more. We’ll take care of your deck like it’s our own for a very affordable rate.

We can’t wait to see you gather with your family and friends in your very own party venue outdoors. It’s relaxing and refreshing with the lovely view of nature. Call us now at 979-202-4124.

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