What Is The Difference Between A Deck & A Porch?

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A porch and a deck are two parts of a home that can be confusing to some, and some use the names interchangeably. Either or both of them is what most homeowners want to add to their property but may not be sure of what each term really means. One thing is for sure: a porch and a deck are both types of outdoor living spaces. And, if you have decided to add this to your next home renovation project, take time to read the information below to be sure which it will be, a porch or a deck?

What is a Porch?

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Before you enter your home, a little space from the door can be added for relaxation, welcoming guests, and storing some items in your home. In this case, you would like to have a porch built in front of your house, like an extension of your living room.


– It creates more space. If you are tired from a long drive or from work, taking a few minutes to relax on your porch can bring you some comfort before you walk through the front door.

– It provides more natural light. During the day, when you want to read a book or enjoy a coffee in the bright sunlight, your porch can be the perfect place to do that.

– It adds to the curb appeal of the house. Porches come with a wide variety of designs that you can choose from with the help of a reputable deck building contractor.

– It protects your home from insects. This is particularly possible for porches with screen covers which are very useful at keeping away critters and mosquitoes.

– It may not require a permit. Depending on your state’s requirements, building a porch that is lower than 30 inches above the ground may not require a permit.


– It is prone to stains. Because it is outdoors and is in front of your home facing the road, dirt, and dust easily build up in porches.

– It may be expensive to install. Whether it’s a screened-in or not, prices of constructing a porch may be from $2,000 to $10,000.

– It can be hazardous to walk on. In areas that are prone to snow and heavy rain, porches may be dangerous to walk on as well. They can be slippery when wet, so extra caution is needed in this case.

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What is a Deck

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Extending your kitchen at home might mean you want to add a deck. It is an outdoor space which can be attached or not to your kitchen and which is often used for special gatherings in your family. Also, it can be made with many different styles and designs.


– It is easy to customize. In fact, you can add anything under the sun for your own deck. Most people love the idea of extending their kitchen with a deck or a venue for special events in their family.

– It creates wonderful views outdoors. Your deck gives you a comfortable spot to enjoy the view of nature outside. While sitting on a soft sofa, you can have a drink with friends and family right on your own deck.

– It increases the value of your property. Not only for the amount you paid for its construction, but decks also increase that to a value you have never expected.

– It may be less expensive to install. Building a deck may be less expensive than building a front porch, depending on the amount of detail. The common cost of a deck is only $7,700 based on design, material, and labor required.


– It requires regular maintenance. Decks have to be checked and maintained well if you want them to last longer. This includes regular power washing, staining, and sealing every two years.

– It normally requires a permit. This often relates to the size and height of your deck. If your local government tells you to seek a permit, your contractor may be the one to provide that for you.

– There is a weight limit. Because most homeowners like to put kitchen appliances and tools on their decks, adding a support layer underneath your deck may be necessary.

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How They Differ

Porches and decks are definitely two different things. One is for the front of a house, and the other is for the back. They are built almost completely the same way, except that porches are made with roofs. Another is the fact that a porch tends to be more expensive than a deck because you’ll need to have posts to support to the overhang ceiling.

Decks are usually open from the top, which means less expense on roofs and labor. However, decks must be waterproof 100% to guarantee their durability and sturdiness over time despite being exposed to the outside elements.

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Make your home more comfortable and attractive with an additional deck outdoors. Wood decks guarantee to give families an easy and enjoyable time together in the privacy of their own yard. It can be the venue for birthday celebrations, backyard barbecues, and more.

Now that you know the difference between the two, you just have to choose the right company for the job. Choose the company trusted in deck building services. Choose Deck Builders College Station, TX. Our team comprises hardworking and dedicated deck builders, trained to construct porches, decks, patios, pergolas, shade structures, and more. Contact us now at 979-202-4124.

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