Repair Vs. Replacing Your Deck

replaced of old deck

replaced of old deck

Your deck is one of your home’s most exposed parts. It must withstand extreme heat in the summer, heavy rains, long days of cold winds, and freezing temperatures in the winter. Over time, you noticed a small crack on the surface or worn-out paint. You call for a repair. Then you notice another type of damage. You request for repair once more. The cycle seems to never end.

Repairing and replacing your deck appears to be a lot more difficult than you anticipated. College Station Deck Builders can help you with these critical points when repair or replacement is needed.

Factors To Consider When Deciding on A Repair or Replacement

Age of Your Deck

Old decks typically call for a replacement. Aside from their outdated designs, older structures deteriorate. Due to constant exposure to extreme weather, most wooden decks lose their functionalities and become prone to damage. If your deck is more than 20 years old, then it is time to replace it.

Structure Deterioration

An inspection is absolutely necessary before making a decision. So, take your time and thoroughly examine your deck. If there are no major or connecting issues, a repair will be enough. But if you notice large holes or rotting wood that affect most part of the deck, it is best to replace it. A professional deck builder can carry out a thorough inspection and advise you on what you need to do.


Moisture is the major cause of rotting wood, and rotting wood attracts insects and termites that eat it away. The damaged part can easily spread throughout the entire deck. A repair can be made if it is detected in time.  Some noticed at a later part thus affecting the entire deck. If you do not act quickly, it may be too late to save your deck.

Weak Railings

You don’t want to fall overboard by leaning on a weak railing. Railings that are wobbly can definitely cause accidents. If you notice that the only problem is wobbly railings caused by poor workmanship, then repair is the solution. If rotting is the cause of the loose railings, an inspection is needed to determine whether other parts of the deck are rotting as well. If the majority of it is damaged, a replacement will be necessary.

Cracks and Splinters on Deck Boards

Cracks and splinters in deck boards are common indicators of aging wood. If the only damage is a couple of boards, it’s simple to replace them. This sign of deterioration often calls for a quick fix.  The more cracks or splinters there are on each board, the more it needs to be repaired.

deck repair

Missing or Unattached Hardware

Aside from wood, the deck has another piece of hardware that may lose its functionality. Nails, screws, fasteners, or bolts can be missing. A nail or screw can be replaced right away. Nails or fasteners can also become loose and fall off as a result of rotting wood. This time, a replacement would really be needed.

Lack of Functional Features

If your deck is simply not good enough for you, or if you want a fresh look, then you can rebuild or replace it.  Most major renovations involve replacing the deck with a new architectural design.


One repair after another is expensive. But the ongoing repair will be more expensive than the replacement. If you think that the amount of repair required is the same as the cost of a replacement, then go for replacement.

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