Wood Vs Composite Decking

Replacement of old wooden deck with composite material

One of the most functional and versatile spots of a house is the deck area. After all, it instantly transforms a dull, lonely outdoor space into a personal lounge or a mini-party venue. These are just a few of the many reasons why most homeowners invest in decks. Although adding a deck to a house is unarguably a worthwhile decision, most people are often confused as to which deck material to use – wood or composite.

This article will talk about the varying attributes of wood and composite deck materials. Once you’ve finished reading, your indecision will surely be over.


While there are no objective aesthetic criteria for a deck, the material used is undeniably important in making your deck look beautiful and appealing. Wood decking gives off a naturally beautiful and simplistic vibe on your outdoor space. People who are into homey vibes tend to choose wood material as some woods are dark-colored and some have a warm effect.

Composite decking, on the other hand, has the appearance of wood as it is made with a finish that looks like wood. They may not be able to replicate the entire wood appeal, but they do look fantastic with expert installation and maintenance.


Composite decking is generally more expensive than wood decking. It is $7 to $18 more expensive per square foot. This is the usual upfront cost for composite decking. Certain types of wood, on the other hand, such as cedar and hardwood, can be quite expensive as well. Local market conditions also have a significant impact on the price of wood.  If you’re on a tight budget, pressure-treated pine trees are roughly half the cost of composite.  


The level of durability is an important consideration when selecting the type of deck material. Wood decking is susceptible to rot, splintering, warping, and termite damage, with the type of wood used also playing a key role. When compared to hardwoods, pressure-treated wood can be more vulnerable. Furthermore, durable wood decking is far more expensive than regular wood. Meanwhile, unlike wood decks, composite decks are more durable than wood decks because they are less prone to rotting and fungus growth. Composite decking is also resistant to fire, chemicals, and slipping.

Wood vs composite decking


Maintenance is an essential component of a long-lasting deck. Without proper maintenance, any material will deteriorate before its lifespan. In this regard, wood is more expensive to maintain than composite. Every 2-5 years, wood should be sanded, sealed, stained, and painted. Each one of these maintenance upkeep processes requires money. Composite decking

requires minimal maintenance and only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year.


Both wood and composite decking are easy to cut and install. However, only professional deck builders should be selected for this task because they have experience in handling these materials. Some composites can also be bent using heat. This is done to create curved deck sections and other unique features.


One of the most serious issues with wood decking is its natural tendency to absorb water. Woods become weak, and they rot and crack as a result of constant exposure to moisture. Warping and splintering can occur if not painted, sealed, or stained on a regular basis.  This is why wood decking requires a lot of upkeep.  In this case, composite decking has an advantage. Even with water contact, there will be no problem with installing or maintaining it.  Homeowners who don’t want a lot of maintenance prefer composite decking, even if it means paying a high upfront cost.

Environmental Effects

If you care about the environment, you’d probably go with wood decking. Because wood is natural, it undergoes the natural process of decomposition. Wood is also reused and recycled in a variety of ways. Composites, unlike wood, do not decompose easily because they are made up of various synthetic materials. And so, they usually end up in landfills. If you don’t plan on constantly replacing or demolishing your deck, composite is still a great choice.

Let Us Help You Decide!

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