Why are My Deck Boards Rotting?

Why are My Deck Boards Rotting - Deck Builders College Station, TX
Deck Builders College Station, TX - Why are My Deck Boards Rotting

Having a deck comes with responsibility. Homeowners who have been enjoying a lovely and functional outdoor space should know that decks need care and maintenance to stay as durable and attractive as they should be. Outside elements can be the toughest enemy your deck will face because weather causes rotting and other signs of damage.

Dry rot is a condition found on wood wherein a fungus attacks some parts of the wood and causes it to lose its strength and eventually deteriorate. Such fungi can spread throughout the rest of the deck, making it unsafe to use since the deck’s base becomes eaten away unless treated immediately. In order to plan the necessary action to take to avoid this or treat the problem sooner, you must first learn about the different reasons that decks rot.

Reasons for Deck Boards to Rot


Moisture - Deck Builders College Station, TX

Everything starts with a single drop of water that stays in your wood deck for too long. Moisture is the usual cause of rot that is due to the ground contact of your deck supports, leaking gutters, insufficient ventilation underneath, and deck planks placed very close together.

Brown rot

Brown Rot - Deck Builders College Station, TX

Wood’s carbohydrate structure becomes degraded because of this type of fungus and the enzyme it creates. Brown rot is when the wood of your deck becomes black, broken across the grain into fragments. Walking on the deck boards becomes very dangerous as they break apart due to this.

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White rot

White Rot - Deck Builders College Station, TX

The main culprit in converting wood cells into glucose is this. White rot is also a fungus that sustains itself through the glucose obtained from wood. When your deck becomes spongy due to the water stuck between the boards and the joints, it must be replaced immediately for your safety.

Green mold

Green Mold - Deck Builders College Station, TX

This green mold is not a fungus but is only an algae or lichen that signals a favorable condition for rots to exist and attack. It does not cause any structural damage on its own, but it definitely becomes an inviting element for rot to soon develop in the wood.

Deck age

Deck Age - Deck Builders College Station, TX

Ultimately, there’s one thing you cannot prevent, and that is aging. Over the years and after years of weather, your wood deck can be expected to show deterioration. This is why your deck needs regular maintenance and checkups to diagnose any sign of damage.

Black mildew

Black Mildew - Deck Builders College Station, TX

Mildew is represented by black patches or black spots that appear in wood and is a mold that comes from moisture. This usually occurs when the stain applied on your deck doesn’t have a fungicide included in it. Black mildew can be eliminated temporarily by using weak bleach to wash the top surface.

How to Avoid It

How to Avoid It - Deck Builders College Station, TX
  • Flashing must be placed near the point where the wall and the deck meet. This allows for better ventilation and drainage, reducing the chance of standing water and water entering your home.
  • Use the stain applied regularly on your deck as a barrier against moisture and as a fungicide. Make sure re-staining is done often.
  • Protect your deck by applying fungicide or a weak bleach regularly while having a specialized deck fungicide treat the severe pathogens below the deck.
  • Use “gutterguards” before the rainy season or simply clean your gutters to prevent them from overflowing into your deck.

Experts to Keep Your Decks Rot-Free

Experts to Keep Your Decks Rot Free - Deck Builders College Station, TX

Vacant spaces in your backyard mean infinite possibilities that only need some enhancement to become functional and useful to your family. Adding a wood deck is, thus, a brilliant idea, especially if the work is done by the experts. Wood decks can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance to avoid rotting or any sign of deterioration that occurs over the years. With the experts at Deck Builders College Station TX’s help, you’re in good hands!

Create your own safe haven outdoors by letting our deck builders prepare the perfect plan for you. We’ll listen to your ideas and combine it with our good taste when it comes to the materials and style that’s suitable for your location and budget. For the safety and satisfaction of your family, our team of highly-trained professionals ensures to install your wood deck with the best of our skills. Your wood deck will be the perfect fit for your backyard as a place for relaxation and other events, like a family gathering or a birthday celebration.

There’s nothing to stop you from making your dream deck a reality with us. We won’t leave you hanging with that vision of a wonderful deck forever! Allow us to walk you through the process, prepare the right plan, and design things together so we can be successful in this project. Adding, rebuilding, repairing, or replacing your deck are the services we offer at competitive rates that you will be aware of from the beginning of the project. Get in touch with us by calling us at 979-202-4124.

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